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about kirsten

I think the longest I've gone without riding a horse was the two weeks when I *had* to go on a family road trip in 2006.  I was not happy about it and my family even picked me up from the barn on the way out of town with the pop-up camper in tow behind our Suburban.

I grew up riding hunters and equitation and spent the better part of my junior days in the show ring. I own (and still compete locally) with my 12 yr old Belgian Warmblood, Leo, who I've had for 7 years.

One random day in March 2021 I wondered what it would be like to ride a reiner. Well I found a trainer, was hooked immediately, and decided I needed to pursue this wild hair. When I told my trainer I was ready to shop (mind you, this was after my third lesson), he asked what color I wanted. Apparently color is a preference in the western world?! Obviously I needed to match Leo, because what kind of person who has two horses doesn't want them to be the same color? Well, my trainer understood the assignment. Enter Martini! I guess I'm a cowgirl now too. 

Some non-horse or photography related facts:  I'm weirdly good at guessing the prices of stuff and should probably go on the price is right. Although I enjoy socializing with friends I am content sitting at home and binge-watching Parks & Rec for the 800th time. The Dragon Drink from Starbucks is by far my fave and you can expect me to roll up to a shoot with a pink drink in hand. Favorite food: tacos... almost to the point where my husband is annoyed that I can eat tacos any day of the week. There’s also a pretty good chance (if you’re over 21) that I will try to sell you on a hot beef injection. What is a hot beef injection? A shot of Jameson chased with Au Jus. Think it sounds horrible? It’s actually a quite delicious, heavenly concoction that would (probably) be Ron Swanson approved.

Martini-4 copy.jpg

Full time I work in the Team Roping industry. I am the Publishing Graphic Designer for the World Series of Team Roping and US Team Roping Championships. Every year I get to go to Fort Worth and Vegas and have a blast photographing & videoing the events. ​You can catch my work in Team Roping Journal and on the WSTR & USTRC social media channels. 


ready to have some fun?

Contact me and I will send you more information about how we can start the planning together!

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