About Kirsten

the perfect combination of

horse crazy & hopeless romantic.

I graduated with my degree in Graphic Design and Photography from New Mexico State University in 2016. With that time spent in New Mexico, spicy food became a staple in my life! When given the choice between red and green chile the answer is always... Christmas. I have been riding horses since I could walk and was an avid competitor in the hunter/jumper circuit throughout my junior career. I now own a spunky, fiery, but also lazy creature named Leo. Leo isn't phased by much and puts up with all the silly things I do to him. Bless his heart. 

Some additional fun facts: I’m a huge Marvel nerd. My truck is named Carol Danvers and my favorite Avenger is Captain America.I love being outdoors with my dogs and my husband and there’s rarely a weekend where we aren’t on the boat, or off adventuring somewhere. Although I enjoy socializing with friends I am content sitting at home and binge-watching Parks & Rec for the 800th time. The Dragon Drink from Starbucks is by far my fave and you can expect me to roll up to a shoot (in Carol Danvers) with a pink drink in hand. Favorite food: tacos... almost to the point where my husband is annoyed that I can eat tacos any day of the week. There’s also a pretty good chance (if you’re over 21) that I will try to sell you on a hot beef injection. What is a hot beef injection? A shot of Jameson chased with Au Jus. Think it sounds horrible? It’s actually a quite delicious, heavenly concoction that would (probably) be Ron Swanson approved.


That’s a little bit of my story, I cannot wait to hear yours!

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romantic. timeless. genuine.

As a lifelong equestrian myself I cherish the bond we all have with our heart horses. I always want to deliver an experience and imagery that I would want for myself; candid, authentic, romantic, capturing the true emotion and connection I have with my horse. Equestrian sessions with me are all about your unique relationship. You can expect a lot of fun, laughs, pony kisses, and snuggles. These shoots are more than just a few posed photos, they’re a bonding experience. I want you to leave your session more in love with your horse than you were when we started. The final result will be a gallery that you can cherish for years to come.



classic. natural. intimate

Shamelessly I am a hopeless romantic. I love rom-coms, meet-cutes and everything about YOUR love story. My couples sessions are all about love and laughter, perfectly candid moments of pure happiness and intimacy that showcase your one of a kind love for each other. Gettin’ hitched? You can expect your wedding to be captured with classic and memorable imagery that you will be able to look back upon and share with loved ones for the rest of your lives. The best day of your life captured in a way you will never forget.